Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hangin' With Some Local Gals ... Finally!

The 2-hour drive one-way to my sister's neck of the woods was starting to cut into my crafting budget, so I wanted to find some folks locally who were into the "scrapping scene."  I thought about reaching out to a local Creative Memories consultant, but I thought that would be a little tacky since I had already become a customer of the CM consultant near my sister.  Besides, I like her.

I had pretty much given up on being able to find anyone around here.  That is, until I had dinner with some college friends last week.  We always have a good time, but when one of my friends mentioned that she went to a card making class once a month, I almost screamed.  (Actually, I think I might have a little bit).  She invited me to her class the following week (this past Thursday).  I couldn't wait!

So it turned out to be about a 30 minute drive, which is still significantly better (and cheaper) than a 2-hour drive each way.  This was a Stampin' Up class and the ladies there were so much fun.  I had such a good time and we made some really cute cards:

I learned some new techniques and (of course) ordered a few things from the catalog so I could continue the awesomeness.  By the time I left, I felt like I had known these ladies all my life.  I am really glad I went, and I'm looking forward to next month's class!

On a side note, here are a couple of other projects I've worked on lately:
A birthday card for my mom
A valentine my sister and I made at an Archiver's demo

I have another little project that I've been working on ... thanks to a YouTube video.  I'll show you that one in a separate post.

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