Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Spring Cleaning Get Organized Challenge - Challenge #5

Still playing catch-up.  This one should have posted on April 23.

Memorabilia, Journaling Notes, and Creating a Holding Album

Our first objective in this challenge was to gather all of our memorabilia in one spot.  I pretty much had that done already ... in a big box in my closet.  So I dragged that box out and started sorting.  Turns out, I had some stuff in there that I couldn't even identify.  Hope it wasn't important.

For my storage system, I decided to use some plastic string-closure folders that I have had forever that weren't being used.  Instead of using labels, I opted for sticky notes so I could reuse the folders after I completed my layouts.  My sticky notes contain the event, date, and location.  I also went ahead and put any related photos (that had already been printed) in the plastic folders with the memorabilia and notes.

The plastic folders fit nicely into a magazine holder, and this became my "holding album."
This challenge was a LOT easier than I thought it would be (thank goodness!)

Now, when I get ready to create the layouts (or head to a crop), I can grab one of these folders, add some paper, some embellishments, stick it all into one of my CropperHopper folders and skedaddle!  Easy peasy!

Next week ... Stamps, Punches, and Cutting Systems.  Uh oh.

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